Case Study: Eutelsat Broadband’s KA-SAT satellite ensures redundancy of service in ITALY for major international energy provider

When CloudItalia needed to deliver a redundancy solution to the 15 Italian operating sites of its major international energy client, it turned to NOITEL and Eutelsat Broadband’s KA-SAT satellite for the solution.

Clouditalia Telecomunicazioni SpA is one of the largest operators of fixed-line telecommunications in Italy. With its own 14,000km of fibre optic network, the company specialises in providing broadband connectivity to major clients, including international energy providers.

So when CloudItalia needed to deliver a redundancy solution to the 15 Italian operating sites of its major international energy client, it turned to NOITEL and Eutelsat Broadband’s KA-SAT satellite for the solution.

“Satellite technology dovetails perfectly with the type of technology that we currently provide, which is connectivity via optical fibre or copper wire, because it provides full redundancy to provide a back-up system to our clients,” explained Bernardo Marzucchi,Technical Director of Clouditalia Telecomunicazioni SpA. “They often have plants in various spread-out locations that are difficult to get to with the conventional methods more commonly used in our area.”

CloudItalia considered the use of mobile and radio technology solutions to provide the redundancy connection for business continuity but ultimately decided to work with NOITEL and the Eutelsat Broadband KA-SAT satellite solution.

“The benefits of satellite connectivity, compared to other options, is the extremely high bandwidth which lets us add in other high-perfomance services and, most importantly, the fact that it is location independent. No matter how remote the client’s business location, satellite can provide a service there quickly and efficiently,” explained Bernado.

The KA-ST satellite broadband connection in this business scenario was delivered via a secure VPN with acceleration technology to overcome any latency issues.

“We and our client are very happy with the way the project is going,” said Bernado. “We are working towards expanding satellite technology within this client’s business, as well as for other similar clients who also operate in the energy sector and have offices and plants in locations where it’s difficult to have access to conventional telecommunications systems. These clients are also very much in favour of the back-up we offer via satellite, and we’re confident that we will be hugely expanding the footprint of our installations in the near future.”

“As a partner, we found NOITEL to be professional, reliable and highly efficient. They delivered in spite of the difficulty of the geographic locations of the installations and were also able to operate comfortably in the relatively complicated area of energy production. NOITEL matched our knowledge of telecommunications networks perfectly and even helped us to develop our internal resources in the area of satellite technology.”

Andrea Perocchi, sole administrator and Managing Director of NOITEL Italy, the Eutelsat Broadband partner, believes there is a big opportunity for satellite broadband solutions in the region.

“Our satellite offer is based on Eutelsat’s KA-SAT, a satellite which provides high quality performance and allows us as a company to deliver strong solutions. It provides an important service connecting businesses that are trapped in the Digital Divide to Internet services, as well as providing additional services such as back-up and cloud access to companies that may already have terrestrial connectivity.”

With its total capacity of more than 90 Gbps, KA-SAT has ushered in a new era of competitively priced, satellite-delivered communications services for businesses. The satellite forms the cornerstone of a new satellite infrastructure, which includes eight main satellite gateways across Europe connected to the Internet by a fibre backbone ring. KA-SAT meets professional needs for higher volume and bandwidth in applications ranging from enterprise networks to Internet backhaul, backup services and M2M connectivity.

“Our company took on the CloudItalia project with great enthusiam and we worked closely with their technical experts with a very can-do attitude, ” said Andrea. “We were able to find the right balance between the two companies to best manage the end client by offering our expertise in terms of satellite technology and logistics right down to the installation and certification of the equipment. NOITEL Italy was able to improve performance with products such as ONE ACCESS, which is a hugely important product for us because it allows us to speed up bit transmission significantly, which is a big benefit to businesses.”

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