Our ambition

Our aim is to enable social and economic development in Sub-Saharan Africa by covering more than 20 countries by 2019, making a long-term contribution to the continent. This is about opening opportunities for Africans while giving the world a broader access to African talents and creativity. 

Who We Are

Konnect Africa is Eutelsat’s initiative to provide broadband services to Sub-Saharan Africa. Eutelsat is the leading and most experienced operator of communications satellites with 40 years of experience in providing television and data services across the world.

What We Do

Our state-of-the-art satellite broadband infrastructure enables telecom operators and internet services providers to offer reliable broadband access throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, at an affordable cost.

The technology used by Konnect Africa is High Throughput Satellites (HTS), which provides an average of 100 Gbps of capacity per satellite, more than 30 times the capacity offered by a conventional satellite. We aim to continually increase the capabilities, capacity and performance delivered to partners, where and when they need it.

We have designed an innovative approach that puts our partners forward: we rely on their market knowledge and expertise to make an impact. Their on-the-ground experience and expertise helps us structure service offerings, tailored for each market. We invest in them and empower them by providing the support they need, whether it is on technical aspects to ensure good appropriation of the satellite technology, or on marketing, as a successful business requires active outreach and relevant communications.

Our difference

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    Shaping our services to meet local needs

    We know that in order to have an impact, we have to perfectly understand the African market and the needs of mobile and internet service providers, as well as those of users. This is why we are different from other satellite broadband providers. We are constantly considering ways to make our products more flexible - so that in turn our partners can deliver services in line with their own customers’ expectations.

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    Leveraging market best practices

    Konnect Africa is convinced that being open-minded is the best way to improve our services. We are inspired by other successful industries globally and in Africa and want to apply best practices in our own business.

    Looking at the increasing number of ‘energy on demand’ schemes, or at the expansion of the mobile industry based on a pay-as-you-go model, we worked on developing a service offer tailored to the Africa specifics.

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    Offering a unique approach to the satellite industry

    Our unique offer in the satellite industry allows our partners and end-users to manage their capacity as they like and to only get charged for what they actually use. Together with our partners, we aim to transform the market.

Management Team

Jean-claude Tshipama

Chief Executive Officer

Philippe Baudrier

Chief Commercial Officer

Eric Toulalan

Chief Operations Officer

Fatou Konate

Director of Finance and Administration

Sarah Perez

Marketing Director