When and how satellite broadband makes sense

Satellite technology literally comes ‘from above’, and is independent from terrestrial infrastructure - unlike fibre, ADSL or mobile wireless technologies. Satellite broadband is available everywhere and makes even more sense in remote areas that other technologies cannot reach.

Unreliable and intermittent connectivity has a negative impact on users – it provides uncertainty and can be a major burden resulting in the slowing down of economic activity on a regular basis in many regions, even in peri-urban areas. This is why gaining access to reliable internet is so important.

Konnect Africa services can be used at home, at the office, in the school or at the local healthcare centre, or even power community points of access such as Wi-Fi hotspots.


Konnect Africa leverages the latest satellite technology

  • affordable


    Suitable for all budgets

  • practical


    Small dishes, easy to set-up

  • universal


    National or regional coverage

  • fast


    Up to 100Mbps download speed

  • reliable


    >99.5% reliability


Konnect Africa’s solutions bring connectivity to all types of users – making a true difference on people’s everyday lives:

  • consumers


    for families to connect with relatives outside the continent or access quality information, entertainment or education programs

  • Enterprises


    for businesses and start-ups to access their customer base, critical industry information, and achieve visibility for their projects and services

  • Public Sector

    Public sector

    for governments to ensure the delivery of essential public services, including health, education and safety for the population

  • Public Sector

    Operators & IT Services

    to complement existing terrestrial infrastructure and enable operators to extend the reach of their network

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