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  • Phase 1-2017
  • Phase 2-2019

Did you know?

Indirect job creation by digital technologies can be huge. In Kenya, the M-Pesa mobile money system creates employment for more than 80,000 agents.

Internet services’ users in Tanzania reached 17.3m in 2015 (34% of total population), compared to only 5.3m in 2011.

In Nigeria, 22.6 million people have access to mobile broadband, which corresponds to a 20-fold increase between 2009 and 2016.

South Africa’s communications sector accounts for about
10 % of GDP.

An additional 250 million subscribers are expected to become mobile internet users by 2020.

Across Africa...

  • 6.7%

    Percentage of Africa's GDP generated by the use of mobile technologies and services ($153 billion in economic value in 2015)

  • 70%

    Africans living in rural areas

  • 73%

    The lowest mobile penetration rate in sub-Saharan Africa

  • 20%

    Penetration rate determined for Internet access to benefit countries economically

  • 10%

    African households which have Internet access

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