With Smart WiFi, any shop, restaurant, hotel, healthcare centre, school, or even individual can become a connectivity point for the surrounding population.

This is our practical and impactful solution to support connectivity deployment in remote areas and actively contribute to African countries’ broadband development plans

Smart WiFi Hot spots Solution


  • Universal Service

    Universal service

    The most rural and remote areas in Sub-Saharan Africa can be connected

  • Complete ready to use kit

    Complete and ready-to-use kit

    All necessary hardware & management software is included

  • High speed internet

    High speed internet

    Hotspots deliver a broadband internet service, with speeds up to 20 Mbps

  • Suites every pocket

    Suits every pocket

    A variety of plans to meet all budgets; from inexpensive one day vouchers to monthly plans

  • Payments made easy

    Payments made easy

    Payment can be made by cash at the hotspot or via mobile/e-payment

  • Local knowledge database

    Local knowledge database

    Users get to access relevant educational and training content at no data charges

  • Digital advertising capability

    Digital advertising capability

    Companies can advertise and sponsor free access for the community


Konnect Africa’s Smart WiFi provides access to our powerful, reliable satellite broadband network. The kit contains everything a small business owner needs to run a hotspot while bringing opportunity to the community.

Smart WiFi is a step forward for the inclusive digital development of Africa; the public sector, businesses and individual users can transform their activities and meet their deepest aspirations.